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Club-Fitting is a process where the ideal equipment for each type of swing and skills is determined.

Every golfer has a unique swing: an individual and exclusive way of approaching the green, greater or lesser force when hitting the ball, possible needs for special shafts, specific distance from the hand to the ground, lofts and lies according to your height, weight, age, hand size, etc., etc.

At Nevada Bob’s Golf, we are equipped, qualified and accredited to offer you the best possible Club Fitting experience.

Certified by the best brands, we analyzed, processed and understood these differences. We are also prepared with properly trained and certified Staff, as well as equipment with the most modern ball flight analysis technologies in order to respond to your specificities and individual playing style.

Regardless of your level of play, at Nevada Bob’s Golf you will find a suitable solution to benefit from personalized equipment, improving your performances immediately and contributing to a more satisfying and enriching experience on the course…


And many ways and places where to find us......

Nevada Bob’s offers several alternatives so that you can benefit from our Club-Fitting services. From the Demo & Fitting Days that take place in several Golf Courses spread across the country from North to South where you can try the latest innovations for free and schedule your Club-Fitting session; To the permanent NBG Club-Fitting Centers at Driving Ranges and associated Gyms, where all you need to do is book your presence within the available times. And also in our NBG PRO-Fitting Studio, where you can benefit from a service that includes a Club-Fitting session, together with an optimization class, administered by a duly certified PGA and Club-Fitter Professional, elevating this type of experience to highest level.

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Equipped with the most modern TrackMan technologies, with properly trained and certified Club-Fitters and a total of 11 of the best World Brands at your disposal, in this new space you can benefit from a unique Golf experience!

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At Nevada Bob’s Golf we have done everything to guarantee our customers the best possible scenario regarding quality, variety and proximity in this specific area of ​​Club-Fitting.

At Nevada Bob’s Golf we have a long history in the Club-Fitting area nationally.


In one of these scenarios and depending on your preference and availability, within these 3 alternatives you will find the best solution for customizing your equipment, regardless of your level of play. And so that you have a better understanding of the inherent advantages, here is some additional information on the various stages of the learning process:

Although the dynamics of the beginner’s swing are still developing, crucial factors such as swing speed and angle of attack begin to emerge right from the start.

Customized clubs for beginners focus on laying a solid foundation for their game, setting the stage for improvement and more fun. By aligning equipment with individual characteristics, beginners can embark on a golfing journey that promotes progress and elevates their skills.

You don’t need to be a highly skilled golfer to benefit from the personalized adaptation of your clubs.

At this level we focus on maximizing the potential of each Swing. For beginners, this means optimizing stick stiffness and club head settings based on swing speed and club trajectory. Older people with slower swing speeds benefit from customized settings that leverage more carry and take advantage of advanced stick technology to increase distance.

The benefits of custom fitting clubs for Handicappers 20+ include:

– Maximized forgiveness:

We search for the most suitable solution for off-center shots, looking for the greatest possible distance and accuracy for this level of play; identifying the ideal heads and sticks from leading manufacturers in order to obtain the most consistent results possible.

– Optimized precision:

Refers to the ball flight optimization component where the clubs are configured to ensure more effective performance, resulting in a straighter ball flight, whereas with standard clubs it is very difficult to achieve this level of precision and consistency.

– Ball launch angle and optimized distance:

The customization of the clubs also implies, regardless of your Handicap, matching the unique dynamics of each type of Swing, guaranteeing the ideal angles of attack in each Iron and Wood, ensuring that they also offer improved carry distance.

In a scenario where contact with the ball is more consistent compared to beginners / higher Handicaps, there are a growing number of characteristics that can and should be reviewed and improved. It is at these Handicap levels that we usually find the most glaring differences from what results from an optimization process, often explaining common mistakes or inconsistent performances with certain clubs.

Despite the fact that professional players with low Handicaps are able to cut half a stroke per round, players with medium Handicaps can register Handicap drops in the order of 3 to 5 strokes in their average scores. The most common conclusions and comments from those who undergo our Fittings are:

– Better consistency

Each customized club allows for better results in a more constant way, reducing uncomfortable gaps in terms of distance to be achieved; and this leads to more shots with fewer errors and better scores.

– More distance and better accuracy:

A well-customized club automatically guarantees more distance and more accuracy. Fewer balls are lost, there are better shots during play, greens become more accessible and approach shots are made with lower irons. This is achieved by analyzing swing speed, ball speed, spin rate and launch angle, which together allow our fitters to suggest clubs with features and customizations (adjustments) that optimize distance and accuracy, taking into account the unique characteristics of your swing.

– On the advantages of technology

Other technological advances in ball flight analysis and energy transmission, also applied to all components of the clubs, including all types of sticks, make it possible to maximize consistency, distance and accuracy, especially for players with average handicaps.

Players at this level have specific requirements for each club. Considering that the slightest inconsistency in the configuration of one of the clubs affects the outcome of the Swing, the score and competitiveness, at Nevada Bob’s Golf we have the largest official range of brands available for Club-Fitting, the most advanced TrackMan technology (Indoor & Outdoor) and, above all, the best-trained and most experienced certified Fitters.

The main benefits of fitting clubs at a professional level include:


In this format, the aim is to ensure that each club performs consistently, keeping the distance between clubs optimized and maximized.

Launch angle, ball speed, spin rate, impact factor, landing angle, among others, are analyzed and carefully targeted and configured to achieve the best possible results for a specific Swing… Cue by cue!


The relationship with your clubs tends to change for the better, allowing you to benefit from better performances and, consequently, gain confidence in them.

This is a direct consequence of benefiting from equipment that has been optimally configured for a particular Swing dynamic.

Ideal ball flight

The specific requirements and needs of professional-level players and low handicaps demand a level of response with enormous reliability, to which the state-of-the-art TrackMan system used by our Fitters and Professionals contributes.


Staying competitive requires benefiting from the latest innovations and advances in design and types of materials available.

At Nevada Bob’s Golf we have the widest range of club-fitting options, bringing together the experience of a total of 11 renowned golf brands.



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