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Equipped with the most modern TrackMan technologies, with properly trained and certified Club-Fitters and with a total of 11 of the best World Brands at your disposal, in this new Game Improvement space you can benefit from a Unique Golf Experience

From now on, when you visit us in the largest national store dedicated exclusively to Golf, you will find a new outdoor space at your disposal.

And in addition to being able to try all the Putters on display in the new outdoor synthetic Putting Green, you will also be able to benefit from all the new services of the new NBG Club-Fitting Studio, of which we highlight NBG PRO-Fittings.


It is in this Club-Fitting Studio that Nevada Bob’s Golf brings you another important innovation, which is based on new and more professional Fitting Services, which we call NBG PRO-FITTINGS.

With this new Nevada Bob’s Golf PRO-Fitting service, we have now raised the level provided to a new level, which differs in several areas from the current solutions on the market.

Aimed at more demanding golfers who want a Fitting solution that optimizes not only the equipment, but at the same time any corrections to the swing and posture as well, in these new sessions available exclusively at the NBG Store Studio in Almancil, the criteria used, the time spent , a subsequent and second monitoring and adaptation session, are guaranteed by a PGA Professional / Certified Fitter – including the former National Coach of the Portuguese Golf Federation – Mr. Sebastião Gil.

With this service we aim to offer our customers a complete experience that not only includes reviewing the Equipment, adapting it to their specifications and preferences, but also including a review and optimization “class” carried out by duly certified PGA Professionals. Culminating with another monitoring and adaptation session, already in possession of the new personalized equipment





With this new Nevada Bob’s Golf PRO-Fitting service, we have now raised the level provided to a new level, which differs in several areas from the current solutions on the market.

Following the presentation of the new NBG Club-Fitting Studio, we hereby announce the new NBG PRO-Fitting services!

Exclusively available in this new unique Golf space in Europe, Nevada Bob’s Golf will now offer new and innovative Club-Fitting services, bringing together in a single space a total of 11 of the best global brands, along with an outdoor synthetic Putting Green!

With a long and enriching national history in Club-Fitting, Nevada Bob’s Golf is once again innovating and taking this type of service to a new level.



This new service differs from normal Fitting sessions for several reasons, but essentially in these differentiating factors:


Certified PGA Professional Fitters

Fitting carried out on Pro Fitting Studio (Trackman)

Time and Attention Spent in each Session

Only PRO-V1 balls are used

Full report with all information

Second session included to adapt to the new custom equipment

The process begins with a brief warm-up and measurement and analysis of your current equipment in order to determine information such as Loft and Lie, rod lengths and flexibility, as well as their important considerations, helping us to better understand how your clubs relate to your game. At this stage, some problems are usually identified and diagnosed.

In a second phase, we count on you to tell us what you want to achieve and/or correct with your new personalized equipment and we start the test with combinations of head and rod shapes, among the more than 10 Brands we currently work with, always using balls of premium golf (Pro-V1). Then, analyzing all the information collected up to this stage, we explore the best possible combinations, finishing this process by providing you with all the information collected and your individual recommendations based on the most modern technologies and the know-how of duly certified Fitters & PGA Professionals.

This, unlike other methods, is a more objective process that relies on know-how, training and tools from more than 10 of the best global brands.

Your NBG PRO-Fitting experience ends in a subsequent adaptation session, after you have received your new Personalized Equipment, with the same PGA Professional.


Marque já a sua sessão de Pro Fitting!


Do you know your numbers? And what is the trajectory of your bat? And what is the Launch Angle?

Below is brief information regarding the most important “numbers” of your Swing:

Attack Angle means the movement of your club face, up or down, at the moment of maximum compression, and is measured relative to the horizon.


It corresponds to the measure of how quickly the ball is projected when it stops making contact with the club face. More speed corresponds to greater distances.

Your “Carry” distance reflects how far your ball travels before it touches the ground again. It is essential to be aware of your “Carry” if you need to overcome obstacles, such as Bunkers or lakes.


The trajectory of your club (relative to your target) has a crucial influence on the shape of your shot. A negative angle is commonly referred to as an “Outside-in Swing”, while a positive angle is known as an “Inside-out”. ideally we should aim for a neutral trajectory for straight shots.

It corresponds to how quickly you swing your club and is measured in the instant immediately before impacting the ball. More speed corresponds to more distance.



It is the amount of Loft on the face of the club, at the precise moment of impact and is measured relative to the horizon. Too much Dynamic Loft can reduce your carry distance, conversely, too little Dynamic Loft can cause excessive rolling.

Corresponde à direção (direita/esquerda ) que a face do taco está direcionada no momento de impacto, relativamente à linha do alvo. Uma face fechada potencia um número negativo e uma face aberta dá origem a um número positivo em jogadores “Right Handed”. O Ângulo da Face é o número mais importante quando se determina a direção inicial da bola.

Your “Face Path” is the difference between the face angle and trajectory of the club. “Face to Path” is a key factor when determining the expected curvature of the ball. A value of zero represents a face angle and club path that have the same value, and that results in an uncurved ball flight.


Corresponds to the angle between the ball’s flight relative to the horizon. Along with ball speed, Launch Angle is one of the most important factors that determine the height and distance of the shot.

The Smash Factor is related to how efficiently you can transfer energy from the Club Face to the golf ball and is measured through Ball Speed, divided by club speed. You should consider that a Smash Factor of 1.50 when playing with a Driver, reflects maximum efficiency in transferring energy to the ball.

Spin Loft is a three-dimensional angle between the direction in which the clubhead is moving (including Club Trajectory and Angle of Attack) and the direction in which the Face to Club is pointed (including Face to Club Angle and the Dynamic Loft). If they are all the same, a higher “Spin Loft” value will result in more “spin” / rotation of the ball.

The Spin Rate of your shots directly affects control and distance. You should try to obtain lower “Spin” values ​​to maximize distance and consider that a high “Spin” value can increase grip on the greens, slowing down the ball as it rolls.

Corresponds to the distance between the exit and the point at which the ball stops moving.


All these and some other relevant aspects are identified and taken into consideration in the NBG Club-Fitting sessions, which have now reached a new level of demand through NBG PRO-Fittings!

There are many questions that will influence how, how, where and when you choose to purchase your next golf equipment. Budget, enthusiasm, objectives are just some of the possible reasons. And at Nevada Bob’s Golf we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

At Nevada Bob’s Golf we have done everything to guarantee our customers the best possible scenario regarding quality, variety and proximity in this specific area of ​​Club-Fitting.

At Nevada Bob’s Golf we have a long history in the Club-Fitting area nationally.


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